September 4, 2010

Ryu skin is up

Make-UP Variations

This male skins image from a J-pop guy.
I drew the thin eyebrows, and 2 shapes.
3 tone color skins.

August 21, 2010

August 20, 2010

5skin tones, and each 4make-ups.
there are extra two make-ups in each tone economy pack.

Second Life Skin Shop ami-style

April 6, 2009

the new neko eyes from "amis" neko shop in Second Life.

It is a very cat-like eyes. and very simple.
for human type and furry, I think it can be used in both types.
White of eye is black color version and normal color (white ) version, both in one pack.
1 color pack, all colors pack #9 colors, both type mega pack,

type I
simple eye-catch-light , cute 2 points high light

type II
large eye-catch-light and Reflections

more image .......

this is Black Neko Eyes II type

Second Life Neko shop " amis "

April 3, 2009

In Japan, it is the time to start things newly in April when cherry blossoms bloom neatly. In the time that a lot of cherry blossoms spare, the people do a picnic under the cherry blossoms. I made a cherry blossom painted skin.

and one more gift!
I gift skin of Lola. Because I renewed Aimee and Lola. its a souvenir :)

Second Life Skin Shop ami-style

March 29, 2009

Lola skin

Lola makeup

Lola-B makeup

Skin tone

Aimee skin
Aimee makeup
Aimee-B makeup

Skin tone

Those details were changed and the color of skin increased to three kinds.
and one skin's makeup was little change
Three colors are included in one, and its price is 798.

Second Life Skin Shop ami-style

March 23, 2009

there are not in freebie corner, check trash boxes!

2 trash boxes in my shop. amis floor and ami-style floor.